Gypsy Honeymoon

Imagine if your grandmother’s or grandfather’s attic had charm, wit, mystery and order. Imagine if every item was perfectly preserved, dust-free, and displayed in a way that highlighted its every asset and that beckoned you in for a closer look. Imagine if you wanted to walk away from that attic with everything – from the most enchanting to the most peculiar!

When you step into Gypsy Honeymoon, you are transported back in time. Your destination? Anywhere from early 20th century Europe to last week San Francisco. Filled with eclectic, whimsical and intriguing items, Gypsy Honeymoon is the place to visit for vintage, antique, one-of-a-kind treasures. Whether it’s a vintage satin dress, old family photographs, or a rusty, mysterious key, you’ll find it here.

Most items are antique or vintage, although there are a few reproduction pieces (all have that delicately “aged” look, though, which fits into the theme). The longtime storeowner, Gabrielle Ekedal, searches for and chooses items that strike her fancy, that she’s drawn to, and that fit into the overall look and feel of Gypsy Honeymoon. She describes her store as an eclectic mixture of antique and vintage objects.

The way the items are displayed in little vignettes is magical and inspiring, and urges you to look more deeply. Layer upon layer – the figurines, the platters, the jewelry – the objects come to life. I had to walk by each vignette twice to behold all of its charm – and to notice all of the details! Gabrielle is quite a talented decorator and arranger. And boy does she have a good eye!

For those of you who knew the old Gypsy Honeymoon (recently moved locations), fear not! This is still the same store – just bigger, airier and even more chock full of ancient delights. [Having personally visited both locations, I have to say I am excited about this new space. The old store definitely had its charm – the cozy space, the glorious antique-y smell – but this new location offers more foot traffic and additional space to showcase the pieces for sale].

The Gypsy Honeymoon inventory is constantly rotating, so frequent visits are encouraged! There will always be something new to catch your eye – and maybe your wallet! (This is a good thing: all items are priced quite fairly!). And while it’s always nice to take a treasure home, this fantastic museum-esque store is a delight even just to just stroll through and explore. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, give it a whirl!


Gypsy Honeymoon

1266 Valencia St


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